North Suburban Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia. Affiliated with Tennis Victoria.

29th Feb 2020 18:10:22 
Autumn2020 - Maribyrnong Park - round 11 - 2 May

HOME matches (Saturday):-
home courts:-
B reserve / Strathmore   Gladstone Park TC BLACK
OSD B special   St Monica's
B grade   Green Gully
OSD B special   Buckley Park
B grade 2   Royal Park
OSD B special   Royal Park TC
B reserve 1   Fawkner
C grade   Keilor Park
B reserve / Buckley Park   Tullamarine/Gladstone Park
C special   Glencairn
A reserve / Glenroy   Oak Park
A reserve 1   Merlynston
C special 1   Gladstone Park
B grade   Maribyrnong Park/Buckley Park
B grade(red)   West Brunswick
B grade(red)   Merlynston
B special   Merlynston
B reserve   Merlynston
AWAY matches (Saturday):-
B special / Glenroy   ST MONICA'S
OSD B special   Hadfield
B special   Strathmore
B special   Doutta Galla
B reserve   Craigieburn
B grade   St Monica's *
B grade   Tullamarine/Gladstone Park
OSD B special   Keon Park Blue
B grade / Buckley Park   Hadfield
B special / Glenroy   Strathmore
B grade   Tullamarine/Gladstone Park
C special   Fawkner
B grade   Hadfield
C special   Glencairn
C special   Keilor Park
MD B special 1   Gladstone Park
B grade(red)   Tullamarine/Gladstone Park
B special *GLEN / Glenroy   Oak Park
B grade / Buckley Park   Maribyrnong Park
OSD B special   West Brunswick
B special *GLEN / Glenroy   West Brunswick
B grade(black)   Strathmore
B special   Strathmore
A reserve / Glenroy   Royal Park
MSD B special   Craigieburn
NOT playing due to a BYE:-
OSD B special   BYE
OSD B special   BYE
C special   BYE
B grade(blue)   BYE
B reserve 1   BYE
B grade(blue)   BYE