North Suburban Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia. Affiliated with Tennis Victoria.

21st Oct 2020 15:46:48 
Autumn2020 - Strathmore - round 1 - 1 Feb

HOME matches (Saturday):-
home courts:-
A reserve   Glenroy/Maribryrnong Park
OSD A grade  drawRoyal Park TC
A reserve(blue)   Royal Park
B special(blue)   Merlynston
B special   Maribyrnong Park
B grade   Oak Park
B grade 2   Doutta Galla
B reserve   Maribyrnong Park
B grade   West Brunswick
B special   Maribyrnong Park/Glenroy
B special   St Monica's
A reserve(gold)   Strathmore (Blue)
B special   Oak Park
A reserve   St Monica's
A reserve(gold)   Royal Park
C grade 1   St Fidelis
A reserve   Gladstone Park
B grade   Maribyrnong Park (black)
B special   Maribyrnong Park
A reserve(gold)   Oak Park (gold)
AWAY matches (Saturday):-
A reserve   Airport West/Oak Park
B special   KEILOR EAST
B reserve  drawMerlynston TC/ Fawkner TC
B grade   Merlynston
A reserve 2   Merlynston
A reserve(gold)   Gladstone Park
B reserve   Doutta Galla
A reserve  drawMerlynston TC
A reserve(blue)   Strathmore (Gold)
A reserve(blue)   Merlynston
A reserve 1   Doutta Galla
C special 1   Merlynston
B special   West Brunswick
A reserve(blue)   Oak Park (blue)
NOT playing due to a BYE:-
B special(gold)   BYE
B grade 1   BYE