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2nd Apr 2023 19:46:07 

Welcome to the NSTA website.

The grading has been completed for the autumn 2023 season.

Please note that the fixture, draw and dates for next season are available for viewing.

Special note that all teams are to print their own match result sheets, which are found in the documents section of the website. Home teams to supply the result sheet and email a copy to the relevant grade secretary upon completion of the match. Afternoon tea is still optional this season.

Also note that the A Grade OSD and A Reserve OSD are both 10 week seasons commencing on February 11th.

Also note that all combined teams are playing at first named clubs courts for example
Maribyrnong Park/Glenroy OSD team is playing at Maribyrnong Park.

6th February - Heat Rule

Play in an NSTA match will be abandoned if the air temperature reaches 35 degrees, or must be called off if the temperature is 33 degrees at 11am on the day of the match and the forecast for the day is 35 degrees or hotter.

Please use this website for temperatures:

Wash Out Contact List - Autumn 2015

NSTA email
for all questions or queries please contact the NSTA via email

Missing match results:-
Round 3 has 1 missing result.
Round 6 has 2 missing results.
Round 4 has 2 missing results.
Round 1 has 2 missing results.
Round 2 has 3 missing results.  what's missing?